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Advertising on Social Media and Google

Digital advertising is a specialty of ours and we can provide custom ad solutions to fit your business, your budget and the type of traffic your business needs.

Increase quality and quantity of traffic

Social media advertising through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn can increase the quality AND quantity of traffic to your website or physical location in a short period of time.

Reach new potential customers and leads 

Likewise, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising through Google Adwords is also a great way to reach new potential customers and leads either through text ads showing up for specific keywords or with display ads placed on popular websites targeting people based on their demographics and interests.

Target your customer demographic 

Even with recent changes in data and privacy protection, for someone looking to advertise it’s tough to beat Facebook’s ability to micro-target the precise demographic of customer or client you are looking to reach. And the ROI of social media advertising is currently out-pacing most forms of traditional offline advertising.

Promote to frequent visitors

Remarketing is a smart way to use targeted displays ads on popular websites to promote your business to people who have visited your website in the past.